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Every Enviotics™ we have made - has high precision and formulated ingredients.

What is Enviotics?

Enviotics™ is the precision and formulated bioorganic nutrient for plants. This product is composed of nutrients that are captured from recycled brewery waste (Enviotin™) and supplement beneficial microorganisms (soil probiotics). Nutrienvisus has brought together the knowledge and science on wide ranging aspects to develop a precise composition of Enviotin™ and probiotics that work synergistically in the Enviotics™ formulation to fit the purpose as a bioorganic plant nutrient.

Enviotics is the best and innovative bio-organic plant nutrient for growers - produces high quality plants, increase crop yields, reduce time to harvest, and higher growth evenness.

Enviotics™ for Growers

Enviotics provides sustainable and economical strategies to help growers.



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